R&D Center

A development designer team specialize in footwear with more than 3500 designs per year, we also hire independent footwear designers in Europe and US, and a dedicated development team serve each major client to meet their requirements of quality, quantity and delivery.


Sample Production Center

We equip with our own sample production center, a technician team with more than 15 years’ experience making more than 30000 samples per year.


Production Resources & Allocation

With hundreds of strict-selected footwear and raw materials manufacturers in our resource pool, production layout in China such as Jinjiang, Putian, Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Wenling,Chongqing,Anhui, Jiangxi ,Hebei and in Southeast Asia such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Burma.


Strong Production Management Ability

With enough production capacity management, we can deploy and integrate diverse resources of production along industry chain to meet your different types of product needs.


Professional Quality Control

We equip with our own footwear physical testing, closely cooperate with SGS, PFI and other authoritative third-party testing organizations to ensure quality .


Logistics Service

An experienced logistics service team seamlessly manages the entire operational process to provide you total journey logistical support for your exported goods, including international goods forwarding, professional custom clearance, door-to-door transport, supplier's stock management. We help you to improve the efficiency of goods in international circulation.


Finance Service

With strong financial strength and good bank credit as well as the support from our state-owned parent company. We provide customers with customized solutions about finance-related problems in market development.
We are the core partner of China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation (SINORURE) and keep a long term and stable cooperation with it. We can help customers to find the solution about credit limit to support their trade development.


Combination of Various Services

We integrate diverse resources along the footwear industrial chain, and offer flexible customized services to footwear distribution channels abroad with different types of shoes.